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The women in the Hormone Healing community are primarily age 25-35 and highly motivated to improve their hormone health through nutrition and lifestyle. Most of them have been dieting for years, tried every supplement on the market, and are looking for a better way. Some of the main concerns of this community are PCOS, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, fatigue, acne, period pain, transitioning off hormonal birth control, and fertility.


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What Our Listeners Have to Say

Hormone Healing


Amanda and Emily are so wise and knowledgeable. I enjoy not only listening to their calming voice, but learning from them. I have been implementing a lot of what they share on this podcast and it has improved my hormones immensely. I am planning to sign up for Amanda’s course and take a hair mineral test to continue my hormone healing journey!

Life changing health advice


From someone who has tried everything for my migraines and PCOS and hypothyroidism, this is finally the solution I needed. Have been implementing their principles for a month and have already noticed a difference! Had my first period in over 6 months after a full month of working on my diet and taking out all the supplements I was taking, and adding some they suggest. Have shared this with so many people already and can’t wait to now sign up for their online course to get even further healing!

This podcast changed my life!


After years of dieting, I''ve tried it all! Paleo, Keto, whole30, intermittent fasting, carnivore, ''intuitive'' fasting.... etc. extremely restrictive, no caffeine, gluten, dairy, sugar, lectins, tons of raw veggies etc. I lost my period for one month after restricting carbs and fasting too much. I found Amanda on Instagram and I could not be more grateful!!! I have so much energy eating breakfast, meals every 3-4 hours, drinking coffee on a full stomach! My life is changed and she has inspired me to go back to school and help others with nutrition!! THANK YOU BOTH!!!

So so good!!


I consider myself a little bit of a women’s health nerd and have worked with lots of different doctors and done so much of my own research but I have still learned so much from this podcast! I love all of the content and think every woman should listen!

So informative & helpful!


As a healthy person, I’ve been dismayed to see healthy friend after friend plummet into the murky waters of health issues and having to go onto restrictive diets & medications to mitigate their symptoms. Since I live a lifestyle similar to them, it seemed to be only a matter of time until I too, plummeted into the confusing & frustrating swirl of doctoring. As someone who is passionate about living a whole & healthy life, I wanted to understand what is really going on in our beautifully & wonderfully made bodies, how we were meant to live & thrive, and how I can honor the Creator who made me. This podcast provides a wealth of information about how all the pieces work together, and also approaches pertinent issues in a non-pushy, gentle way. I recommend this resource to friends all the time. Thank you!